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Many people are asking the question What Is Bitconnect X and questioning in legitimacy in the cryptocurrency world.

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At the time of writing, Bitconnect X is currently in the ICO phase and has already sold over half a million coins at $50 each meaning bitconnect X has taken in over $25 million within 2 days. The coin offering sold out within 11 minutes on day 2 beating day ones stats.

Looking at the ‘about’ section on the official website, the ICO is due to last until February 23rd meaning just under 2 months in total.

The platform has had many questionable faults including a delay in the ICO which saw the countdown timer change multiple times just hours before the launch.

After further reading it seemed there was also another issue in where coins were initially displayed at just $5 each after the site went down and changed to $50 each in a matter of minutes.

Additionally it seemed the FAQ’s had been altered numerous times suggesting that the launched was all a bit rushed and being worked on in real time.

After reading many bitconnect x forums and conversations on the internet it seems there is a trending topic based on the original bitconnect platform. The platform offers a daily interest payout based on your investment which has recently been issued a number of ‘Cease and desist’ order in both Texas and North Carolina too. Many people are suggesting that the new ‘Bitconnect x’ is being used as a new platform to replace the old one.

Although there’s been a lot of negativity around the bitconnect platform, there’s not actually any evidence to show users have been ‘conned’ or ‘scammed’ out of their money. In actual fact, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest otherwise. We even tried the platform ourselves here at Bitconnect x daily HQ with an initial $100 and were able to withdraw our interest.

There are also lots of positive conversations on bitconnect x and the fact they have sold over half a million coins in just a matter of hours means there’s a fair few people who I assume believe they’ll get a return and can see longevity in bitconnect x.

The peak of the original bitconnect coin has been around the $450 mark after a year which means IF bitconnect x is as successful as bitconnect, you’ll see around 800% in just over a year.

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