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Here is a bitconnect x video from ‘UK Bitconnect’ on YouTube.

Although it seems like the youTube channel is a direct source from the company itself, it’s not.

The channel is not associated with bitconnect directly however they do claim to have sources within the company making some of the topics mentioned potentially reliable.

In this video they question some of the websites features and speculate future offerings. It also seems to be one of the more popular videos as it has been viewed over 16k times.

They do also plug there referral link ALOT throughout the video and also in the descriptions of the videos.

There are many channels on youtube dedicated to bit connect itself however there doesn’t seem to be many soles covering the topic of bit connect x. There’s not actually a lot of information on the new cryptocurrency which probably plays a big part of the reason why.

Here at bitconnect x daily, we hope to expand as more information becomes available and so we’ll be starting our own youtube channel covering the topic itself.

If you have questions about the cryptocurrency, you can visit our forum and check out answers and questions by our users. If you can’t find what you are looking for simply add your own question and we’ll do our best to answer it!

Enjoy this bitconnect x Video and be sure to check back for more, daily!

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